The Xterra Race Maui World Championships have been held on Maui for nearly 20 years. Elite athletes from all over the world gather here every November to compete in the Xterra Race Maui, swimming in the open ocean of Honolua Bay, riding some of Maui’s steepest off-road climbs and descents, and finally running to the finish at the Ritz-Carlton Resort, Kapalua.

Krank Cycle’s owner AAron “Moose” has been keeping the Maui event racers rolling on their bikes for more than 10 years. Moose and his other top-level bicycle tech mechanics are available at the Xterra Race to help tune and dial racer’s bikes before the race. Krank Cycles also gives racers the opportunity to ship their bikes to the event to be built and be ready to pre-ride the course. Krank also offers a free pre-race bike check for athletes.


Some athletes don’t want to travel with their bike. Krank Cycles has a full size range XS to XL of competition-level rental bikes available by advance reservation only. If you need a rental bike for the Xterra Race Maui, contact us early! Typically our rentals are all reserved MONTHS ahead of the event. RESERVE YOUR BIKE TODAY!

Along with professional bicycle tech services and rental bikes for the event, Krank Cycles maintains a fully-stocked booth throughout the event to meet the needs of all racers. (Yes! We have CO2 cartridges!) The trail conditions can change rapidly in Kapalua from wet muddy trails to fast, dray hardpack conditions. Krank Maui always has a variety of tires available for conditions. Visit us early (and often) at the event and pick up those cartridges, water bottles, tires, and lubes before the last minute.

Got a Questions

Frequently Ask Questions

I Am Having Trouble Booking Multiple Bikes

  • Please select date or dates
  • Select size bike is named so We can tell the difference
  • select next (do not select another bike) yet
  • input – height, weight, and other data than enter “next”

Maui Bike Riding Weather?

No matter what the weather on Maui, you can always ride a mountain bike on Maui. The island of Maui has over 11 climates and over 300 micro climates! There are parts of the island that get only 5″ of rain and others that get almost 500″! The 2 State Parks where all the mountain biking on Maui are. Makawao Forest is is Rain Forest and if wet can take a couple of days to dry out. Poli Poli rides in all types of weather. EVEN IN THE RAIN!!

What Equipment Comes With A Bike Rental?

  • Helmet
  • Repair Kit
  • Maps/Detailed Directions /Routes
  • Flat Pedals
  • Protective Armor Limited – First come First Serve
  • Clipless Pedals Limited – First come First Serve
  • Back Packs Limited – First come First Serve

How Do I Transport My Bike Rental?

Trunk compression racks that fit on most cars & SUV $15 per day for a compression rack Full size SUV with 2″ hitch receiver up to 6 bikes
$39 per day Recon Rack or Lolo Rack
Front Wheel removal we provide brake shim
Rear wheel removal NOT ALLOWED!
Guides/Tours/Shuttles NOT ALLOWED!

Shuttle/guide For Skyline Trail Maui?

Unfortunately, there are no shuttles or guided trips on the Skyline Trail. There probably never will be, as the trail goes through native Hawaiian lands.
Some of the biggest reasons are the many sacred places throughout the area. There are also many endangered native species of animals and plants.
The State of Hawaii who owns the trail stated there never be commercial activity in that area.
Meaning Krank can rent Bicycles, but cant offer Shuttles,Tours, our Guides.
In light of all that and in regard for the place that we live we try to respect that.

So your options are limited:

1) Rent 2 cars place one at bottom and shuttle back up for the other. (this is the best)
2) Have someone in your party (or meet a willing person) drive you to the top and pick you up or drop a car at bottom.
3) Drive to the top and when finished ride to where Haleakala Hwy 377 and Crater road 378 intersect and hitch hike back to the top. One person stays with the bike the other will get pick up in 10-15 min.

Can I Ride To And From The Trails To Krank

Krank Cycles is at the hub for all the MTB trails on Maui. Makawao Forest Reserve is 3.8 miles from the shop and a 10 min drive. It is a 45 min uphill pedal to the trail head. A quick 15 min downhill bike ride back to the shop.
Skyline trail Maui is a 45-60 min drive from the shop to trail head and a 35 min downhill on a nice bike lane from Rice Park back to the Shop.

How Long Is A Rental Period?

Krank Cycles rental period is from 10am – 4pm. We do offer a COURTESY pick-up 4pm the night before this is contingent if the renter for that day is back by 4pm. Krank Cycles sits right the base of the 2 legal single track trail systems on Maui. Most clients pick up first thing at 10am and the rental period is plenty of time to ride.

What Size Mt Bike Do I Ride?

What Size Road Bike Do I Ride?

Haleakala Sunrise Reservation?

Does Krank Cycles Provide Haleakala Sunrise reservations? No you have to go online to

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